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A Guide On How To Purchase A NFT For The Beginner

A Guide On How To Purchase A NFT For The Beginner

There are a few different methods and places to purchase NFTs, while these fall into two broad categories: 1) Minting and 2) Buying an already minted NFT, perhaps through a secondary market.

By purchasing one or more of a collections NFTs at a fixed price, you can engage in the initial launch of the collection by using the minting method, which allows you to enter the market early.

Purchasing an NFT involves paying another party (the NFT's owner) a negotiated sum in order for the NFT to be transferred into your ownership, probably through an intermediary (marketplaces which include OpenSea, Rarible, Binance and many more).

The possibility to immediately recoup your investment when the product goes on sale is one advantage of purchasing an NFT via minting. After their release, some NFTs that are in high demand might sell for five to ten times their initial price. The disadvantage of purchasing NFTs on the open market is that it might be challenging to estimate the demand for the artwork. You can evaluate your purchase in relation to previous sales on the secondary market.

NFTs are available on a variety of smart contract platforms, but for the purposes of this article, we will focus on Ethereum (ETH) NFTs because they are currently the most common type.

Steps To Follow In Purchasing An NFT As A Beginner

Step1: Purchase Ethereum token

Since the majority of NFTs are built on Ethereum, the vast majority of NFT markets for these collectibles only accept Eth tokens as payment. There are some that do take fiat money and more popular payment methods (like PayPal), but these instances are still uncommon.

Why is it exactly the case? Well, the majority of NFTs that may be on the market are undoubtedly entirely ETH-based as well. They are specifically ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens, which are both precise and have exactly the same blockchain equivalent.

Following logic, the Ethereum blockchain also serves as the foundation for the NFT markets general public. Due to the coincidence of those events, you will be in the best position to acquire the greatest number of NFTs.

Now, if you want to purchase some Ethereum, you can do so using fiat money and using the method(s) of your choosing, which, more often than not, include credit or debit cards, wire transfers, etc.

Where To Purchase Ethereum Tokens

If you don't already have a cryptocurrency exchange account, Coinbase and Binance are excellent choices for newbies.

These two platforms function as cryptocurrency exchanges. Both systems should be perfect for you if you value security and user experience and don't want to spend too much time on the technical aspects of trading cryptocurrencies (with the Binance system being the exception).

All you have to do to be one step closer to being able to buy NFTs is go to the trading platform of your choice, register, complete the KYC verification tests, input a payment method, and that's all!

No matter which exchanges you choose, all of the good ones will feature fairly straightforward crypto purchasing activities. To put it another way, purchasing some Ethereum must be quick and reliable; once you do, it will appear in your in-exchange wallet.

Step 2: Transferring Ethereum To A Trustworthy Wallet

Similar to how your physical wallets function, cryptocurrency wallets are used to store any cryptocurrency you may have acquired. However, one advantage that digital wallets have over physical ones is security; the best wallets in the market will include a few genuine cutting-edge security features.

How do you go about selecting the right wallets for yourself? Do you really need to give it much consideration when all you have to do is purchase NFTs, after all?

You do. At first, you'll probably continue to use that cryptocurrency wallet for years to come; otherwise, where would you store your NFTs?

Then, a trustworthy and secure wallet will help you maintain trust in the non-fungible tokens that you buy. You won't have to be concerned that someone can quickly break into your wallets and take your collection!

Making an investment in a hardware wallet is essential if you purchased any valuable NFTs and intend to "Diamond Hand" them for a very long time. However, if you're just starting out and are unsure about how to buy NFT tokens in the first place, a software wallet might 'cut it' for you.

It's highly advised that you would invest in a hardware wallet if you want to purchase any Blue Chip NFTs, specifically the high value established NFT tokens. The Ledger Nano X surpasses its competitors in this aspect.

The most well-known manufacturer of hardware cryptocurrency wallets worldwide is Ledger. The Nano X, one of their most technologically advanced products, is all you could ever want in a durable, high-speed item. Although its user interface does not allow NFTs, you may store the token properly within the wallet once you have actually purchased it.

Step3: Transfer Your Ethereum

This step is rather self-explanatory. You will need to transfer the Ethereum you obtained from your exchange account to your new wallets in order to purchase NFTs on a particular market.

The process is exactly the same as it would be in any other circumstance, such as choosing to purchase a certain type of product or service or sending cryptocurrency to a friend's wallet. Considering that, it shouldn't be handled casually.

No matter how many times you've sent cryptocurrency in the past or this is your first time, make sure to remain cautious and go slowly. It's quite easier to lose your money than it would appear, so check the wallets addresses three or four times, make sure your transaction is going through the correct channels, and be cautious.

Once the transaction has been completed and your Ethereum is visible in your actual wallet interface, it is time to go on to the next stage and visit one of the more well-known NFT marketplaces.

Step 4: Go To OpenSea And Explore It (Or Any Other NFT Marketplace)

There are several markets where NFTs may be purchased and sold. You can buy great pieces of art or collectibles depending on the market you choose. Many of these websites feature secondary markets containing different varieties of NFTs, although each platform functions significantly differently.

• A mobile app and Chrome extension of an Ethereum wallet are now available for MetaMask. You will need an Ethereum wallet to sign up for OpenSea (and other NFT sites). Link your MetaMask to a Ledger hardware wallet for optimum security to reduce the risk of hacking. Just download MetaMask, set up a wallet, and send over the ETH you just bought from Coinbase or any cryptocurrency wallet.

• OpenSea is an Ethereum-based market for NFTs. Users can list and sell non-fungible tokens for cryptocurrency by interacting with the network. It features a wide variety of digital collectibles, including pfp’s video game accessories and digital artwork. You need an acceptable WEB3 cryptocurrency wallet like MetaMask to use the platform.Your Ethereum wallet serves as both a username and a password, enabling connections with helpful platforms like OpenSea. You are now prepared to explore the market.

Step 5: Choose The Best NFT For You

Recall that there is no haste. Set a dedicated price range, choose the type of NFT you want to acquire, and enter a few more details into the OpenSea interface that will help you narrow down your options.

Actually, OpenSea is a top-notch resource in this area. The platform, which has approximately 19.5 million unique NFTs, provides an unparalleled range of alternatives for exploration.

This is true even if you've chosen some non-fungible tokens for yourself already; perhaps you'll come across some alternatives or other collectibles that you'd like to have.

Once you've chosen the appropriate NFT for you, be sure to look into its unlocked content, its level of restriction, utility provided and all of the supporting features. When you've made up your mind to buy something, go ahead and do it!

Step 6: Purchase Your NFT

After funding your account, and finding the NFT project you want to purchase. Buying that NFT is the final step. Whether it be a mint or marketplace purchase. You will simply connect your wallet to the minting site or marketplace. You will then purchase the NFT and follow your wallets prompts to complete the transaction.

If minting from a project site? Once you have connected your wallet, the site will let you know if your eligible to mint and how many NFT’s you can mint. It’s also extremely important that you make sure you used trusted links to find your way to the minting site.


If you've been paying attention to the NFT market for a while, you might have observed that the market has had its ups and downs. The fact remains that almost 98% of all NFT’s will eventually go to zero and anticipating when to get out of these projects is very hard for beginners. This is why educating yourself in the space is a must. Always Do your own research and invest your money wisely, with funds you can afford to lose. Look for projects and communities that you can live with in the event they decline in value.


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