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Alpha HQ Access Pass

Alpha HQ Access Pass

I've been using this tool for a couple months now and TBH I haven't even unlocked all of it's potential.

As you can see from below they have 4 major functions right now...
1. Mint Bot
2. Listing Sniper
3. Private Node
4. Multi-Wallet

The are continuing to improve and grow the platform. These guys are super under priced, 0.215 ETH, and the floor is THIN! Only 7 listings to 0.30 ETH and 22 listing to 0.40 ETH. Whether you choose to utilize the tool, which if done properly you will make your investment back quickly, or just flip it as the floor gets swept up there is a lot of value here.

The best part about this tool is their Discord. The devs and founders are always in there helping people setup the MINT BOT or answering questions on how to utilize the tool in the best way possible.

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