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by Marz
NFT Free Research Tools

These Tools May Just Be A Game Changer For Newbies

Because NFTs are such a relatively new market in the Web3 space, there is huge reason for the enthusiasm. The booming NFT business has a lot to offer, but Bored Apes, Moonbirds, and Crypto Punks are just the tip of the iceberg.

You're eager to purchase your very first NFT. However, as a beginner, you are already aware that you should conduct some research before getting started. But where should you start?

This list of NFT research tools will help you get the information you need for a pleasant, well-informed, and productive NFT journey.

NFT Value?

There is no established method for determining the value of a non-fungible token (NFT). The success of a particular NFT release is influenced by brand awareness, project advocacy, public hype and marketing. One of the most important issues, though, is rarity.

An NFT's rarity fetches a higher price, which in turn raises demand. NFT rarity can help drive up the price to exorbitant levels. NFT project creators have full discretion in deciding the amount and base price of a particular NFT; The supply for these NFTs is not controlled by rising demand.

Rarity Explained

Obtaining an NFT from a particular collection is made all the more exciting by its limited availability. However, it is a misconception that rarity is solely determined by price. An NFT has certain characteristics that are shared by the entire group.

For instance, the well-known Bored Ape Yacht Club series offers over 10,000 variations with unique NFT features and related availability. These stylish apes have a variety of features, including facial expressions, eyewear, headgear, and tailor-made attire. In the rather large collection, the Bored Unshaven Pizza Mouth only appears 26 times, giving it a rarity of 0.26%.

A NFT projects market worth increases as its scarcity increases. Prices are pushed too much, and the demand becomes more ferocious. Fortunately, there are lots of common NFTs available in most collections. They don't cost as much as their incredibly sought-after contemporaries from the same series, but they bring tremendous value to your portfolio for less money.

NFT Research

If you're considering buying into an NFT collection, keep in mind to certainly research the availability, pricing, and rarity of each NFT you’re interested in. It is nearly impossible to manually evaluate the NFT's attributes and determine its rarity, but don't worry. There are lots of tools to help you check the rarity, top mints, floor price, market value & analytics of your sought after NFT.

Why Are Tools Essential For NFTs

Before making a purchase, you could inspect and evaluate an NFT using a range of NFT tools. This helps you remain ahead of the game and make informed choices. Consider the tool within the same manner you would a shovel or a pick axe: The correct tool enables you to find those little nuggets of NFT gold.

The tools listed below will be helpful to you as you look for new NFT projects to invest in. They will help in finding trends, analytics, NFT rarities, NFT knowledge sources, and market information. These sources are a crucial component of your toolset while you carry out your research. Facts that are incorrect or false might make or break an investment or even cause you to worry about a scam.

Whether you're new to NFTs or already have your own collection, you need the right tools to assess the availability, hype and scarcity of every NFT you own or want to purchase. So, it’s time to take your trading to the next level and fully understand how this is a game changer and end that FOMO.

Types Of NFT Tools

The capabilities and different types of NFT tools are varied. Here are several NFT tools that minimize your risk and take your NFT trading to the next level.

  • NFT Market Aggregator Purchases
  • Tools for NFT Analytics
  • NFT Rarity & sniping
  • Tool for NFT news sources

NFT Marketplace Aggregator

There are a ton of NFT marketplaces that you can use to buy, sell, and trade your favorite collections. But which ones make the most sense to you personally? Here is an aggregator that lets you see prices and buy from, all the top markets from one easy to use tool. This is my go-to for market purchases.


Top Free NFT Analytics Tools

You need a mechanism to keep tabs on individual sales and market trends in order to see what's happening in the NFT market. You will have the data you need to make informed funding decisions if you use an analytics tool. Here are several tools that can help you optimize NFTs.

  •  Dune Analytics & Custom Dashboards

  • Uniq Analytics

  • Icy Tools Trending Analytics

  • NFT GO Top Mints, Analytics & Portfolio

Best Free NFT Sniping/Rarity Tools

NFT sniping tools are tools or software used to find NFTs that may be indexed at a low rate. With the aid of this technology, you can purchase NFT projects at a discount and then sell them as their value is on the rise.

SunT project usually only offer a small number of these rare NFT’s. These rare NFT’s are therefore regarded as the holy grail of that particular NFT collection and as a result are more valuable than the other NFTs in the collection. When you find a rare NFT at a decent price you will want to be able to buy quickly before someone else notices the great deal. This is where NFT sniping comes into play.

Here are some tools to help you check the rarity and quickly snipe your desired NFT.

The Best NFT News

It's essential to have reliable, up-to-date sources for NFT news if you want to stay informed about what's happening in the world of NFTs. These websites focus on NFT news, making them less well-known than other, more well-known crypto and blockchain news websites. You will nonetheless receive all the NFT data required to make informed decisions. Here are some news resources that you can add to your tool belt to keep you up to date on the most current Web3 news.


It's vital to stay on top of all upcoming NFTs if you're a Newbie entering this NFT trading and collecting hobby. There are lots of NFT toolsets that are amazing and at a good cost to your wallet. I am an experienced trader and collector and can tell you that all you need to succeed is right here in this Blog. I have included all the tools required, so that you won't miss any popular and trending NFTs in the market. Now all you have to do is familiarize yourself with these tools and get started on your incredible journey.


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