Alpha ReportThe Marz Report - Bluutopia NFT

by Marz
The Marz Report - Bluutopia NFT

Bluutopia is a world where cross-cultural experience is celebrated | An Art focused & inclusive community-led by @bluugu Link to profile included below.

Bluutopia is a world Bluugu has dreamt of where all cross-cultural people are celebrated and welcomed. They are aiming for a long and fun ride. Ultimately, to create a large community that influences, support artists and can take the NFT space further into the global stage.

**This Alpha Call is Not Financial Advice, Always Do Your Own Research**

Call Info

  • Date: 6/13/22
  • Call Type: Very Early
  • Commitment: Short, Mid & Long Play Potential
  • Project Rating: 4/5 (I see little risk as of now but time will tell).


  • Mint Date: TBA
  • Mint Price: TBA
  • Mint Supply: TBA
  • Doxxed Team: Yes

The Why

  • The Doxxed Artist Bluugu is a 1st gen immigrant Korean Australian Designer, NFT artist and part-time minimal hobbyist with a background in fine art and industrial design.
  • His art is absolutely insane and this NFT gives off a Lonelypop vibe with a serious amount of extra attention to the little details.
  • The Projects mission really seems to be focused on building an inclusive community for all.
  • Their Twitter has grown at a decent rate over the first four days.
  • The Project has been making it's rounds inside exclusive Alpha communities, more and more big names jumping onboard the followers list.
  • I expect the following count will rise rapidly over the next two weeks.
  • Get involved now Follow on Twitter and Notifications on. You don't want to be late to this party. Get in as soon as they open the door.

Official Links

Discord Coming Soon | Twitter | Founder's Twitter