Alpha ReportThe Marz Report - Cube X by Chain Tech Labs

by Marz
The Marz Report - Cube X by Chain Tech Labs

10K Cubies walking towards the Metaverse.

A NFT project with a fully developed shooter capture the flag video game in beta and a full built out NFT social media app with many NFT resources and utilities.

Their goal is to put incredible rewards in their holders hands through our top notch utility, games, and apps. Join our discord for more information. Owned by Chain Tech Labs.

**This Alpha Call is Not Financial Advice, Always Do Your Own Research**

Call Info

  • Date: 8/14/2022
  • Call Type: Secondary
  • Commitment: Mid to Long Play


  • Current Floor: 0.2Eth
  • Mint Price: TBA
  • Supply: 10,000
  • Doxxed Team: Yes

The Why

Chain Tech Labs acquired Cube X about a month ago. They also acquired APIENS back in May. Chain Tech has built and continues to build something pretty special which all started with the creation of the very succesful BAPESCLAN NFT.

Straight from The Babesclan Website About Section:


Your chance to get in on the ground level of what I feel could potentially be the next Yuga labs is slipping away. At a bare minimum my belief is they will be contenders with Yuga! This Team brings true innovative utility to NFT’s many of which have been industry firsts. The Team is fully Doxxed and combined has billions of dollars in proven success. Everything from Entertainment, Gaming, Tournaments, Web 2 companies & Web 3 They have continuously proven to add and bring value to all their holders driving up the value of the NFT’s. I urge you to go review this Team all info on the team is posted on the website.

Cube X Utility

Social App named Hubble which is a NFT toolset and project review application this is yet another industry first utility. By Staking your Cube X a portion of revenue will be returned to the holders as additional ROI from their Like 2 Earn, Post 2 Earn & Share 2 Earn mechanics within the app.

First Person Shooter Video Game Paintball & Capture the flag. This has been created as another industry first utility. As a leader in the gaming industry with vast experience in hosting Tournaments.

The game is being launched with all three NFT’s owned by Chain Tech Labs Babes, Apiens & Cube X. But what makes this special is any community can join the platform and have their NFT integrated into the game. This will give their community real utility immediately. Of course, this would be at a cost to that community. Additionally onboarded communities will be able to compete in tournaments against other communities for cash prizes. Just like Hubble a portion of all revenue will be returned to holders via staking.


This Team knows in order to achieve long term success and add value to their Brand and NFT’s they need three things.

The first is to return value to the communities that support the project. This has been done multiple times by Chain Tech which continuously has put money back in their holders’ wallets. Millions to be exact.

The second is to keep a loyal following from their communities. This has been achieved by the continuous ROI that these holders are receiving. I mean who would sell a project that is truly rewarding you for holding it. In return this method has created the loyalty required to succeed long term.

And the third is to expand and grow which will continue to add value to the Chain Tech Labs Brand. Which they clearly are doing with their acquisition of Apiens & Cube X. Both seen a boost in their Floor Price since being acquired and delivering utility to the holders.

All of this is why I see Cube X and Chain Tech Labs at a minimum being a solid contender for Yuga down the line. There Stacked Team with the knowledge, experience, connections and funds to make it happen. Any projects by Chain Tech Labs are a great investment towards the future in my belief. Will link Bapesclan and Apiens OS below. But remember this is not financial advice and always do your own research.

Official Links

|Discord | Twitter | OpenSea | Chain Tech Labs |Babesclan OS | Apiens OS |


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