Alpha ReportThe Marz Report - GoArt Metaverse

by Marz
The Marz Report - GoArt Metaverse

Includes Marz's Exclusive OG PreMint Link (3) Spots.

They are building a Metaverse landing point for retails and their customers. As a go to market strategy, they launched a game on Google Play and App Store which now has over 1K downloads.

They have a strong team over 60 people for developing the game and building the community. Until the mint in the application they will be giving away $100.000 in cash prizes as MTE tokens. The users can collect these rewards by playing the game right now.

**This Alpha Call is Not Financial Advice, Always Do Your Own Research**

Call Info

  • Date: 8/2/22
  • Call Type: Early
  • Commitment: Short for immediate returns. Longer, if you believe they can be the landing point for retails in this meta space.
  • Project Rating: 3/5 Read Report to fully understand


  • Mint Date: TBA
  • Mint Price: Free
  • Mint Supply: 5,555
  • Doxxed Team: Yes

The Why

Best way I can explain this project is to think of it like a metaverse spin on Pokémon Go, while being able to enter a metaverse portal, travel back in time and experience History as it was during that exact time period. Oh, then smash in some real-life purchases from Meta stores like Target or Walmart as example. All inside their metaverse (Just an Example of their overall goal)

The possibilities are truly endless. But as of now this is only be available to discord members via the Game App download, you will be able to play the game and collect the in-game MTE tokens which ultimately can be turned into Polygon if the user chooses. Also out the gate the other most practical use case would be something that was hinted to such as, the user will also be able to use these tokens in game to gain free NFTs and whitelists spots for the project. Instead of discord grinding people will just play the game. Ultimately the intent is to have the coin receive additional funding longer term by a coupon like system, supplied by the retailers involved.


Now let’s break my ranking down!

  • This free mint meta is coming to a close rapidly. People are beginning to show and voice, that they want good paid projects to return to the space.
  • We are currently oversaturated with metaverse projects. Even the big boys are struggling in the space.

If it wasn't for these concerns my ranking would be a bit higher simply because they are so much more than any of these issues listed. Overall, this team has skills and has put together a great project. Including a very unique and different Idea from what we have seen in the past. The game is already out and the graphics are intense and will be adapted into the AR/VR environment. So, we have seen proof of concept already. They also have the backing to achieve these longer-term goals mentioned with over 60 skilled employees and deep pockets all being created by a Turkish company, HAR Group. The Owner of the company and founder of this project has 213K Twitter following which is worth a mention. At the end of the day, we have no clue who will win the metaverse battles, but if these guys achieve the retail piece on a large scale. It could be game over and they just might be one of the many future winners. Please remember my goal is to educate you while keeping an objective view. DYOR / NFA…

Official Links

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