Alpha ReportThe Marz Report - Lost Miners of the Ether

by Marz
The Marz Report - Lost Miners of the Ether

Lost Miners of the Ether is the indisputable final NFT collection from the Ethereum’s Proof-of-Work (“PoW”) era. The collection was created by the team at Blokpax to celebrate the Ethereum Merge.

The smart contract (ie the software code) to create the collection was deployed just before the merge and Ethereum’s conversion to Proof-of-Stake. Creating the final smart contract deployed under Ethereum PoW

Featuring “abstract to hi-fidelity” pixel art from award winning sculptor Charles Pate. The Lost Miners origin story is one of advanced technological ingenuity and execution. The Lost Miners come with no future promises or roadmaps. These are digital collectibles of the purist form. They simply exist.

**This Alpha Call is Not Financial Advice, Always Do Your Own Research**

Call Info

  • Date: 12/04/2022
  • Call Type: Secondary " Play of the Bear Market"
  • Commitment: Long Play, you can flip but I'm Hodling this Bitch
  • Project Rating: 3/5


  • Current Floor Price: 0.3279 Eth
  • Current Listings: 351 4%
  • Mint Supply: 10K
  • Doxxed Team: Yes

The Why

This project was literally the last minted Proof of Work project. By owning it you will have a historical piece that certainly has a long-term chance of taking a flight to the moon and if nothing else will be valid proof that your NFT journey started before the ETH PoS Merge.

If you didn’t Fade my original call on October 10th for .07 Eth or my update on November 3rd for .11 Eth. You would have used your claim passes on acquiring The Lost Miners and you would be substantially in the green.

Entry Point

I believe anything below 0.35 is a steal and we will see these reentries appear. We may even retrace back to around 0.27Eth.

The question is for how long the sell walls are relatively thin for a 10K collection.

The attention surrounding this project is growing rapidly day by day. It was holding the number 5 spot on OpenSea 24hr activity.

All the data points to big gains coming and in my original call, I had this at a risk of 5/5 lowered the level in November to 3/5 much higher risk level expecting these gains to come way longer term.

The Facts

• Lost Miners of the Ether No Roadmap – No Utility and I don’t care and the following is why.

• The Founder Frenchie is gifted and experienced and understands the world of collectables.

• He created Blokpax which is a gamified platform where collectors chase real, physical trading cards and memorabilia that have been tokenized as NFTs. They call these NFTs “Vault Tokens.” Whoever owns the Vault Token owns the underlying collectible. Holders can “burn” the Vault Token and have the physical collectible shipped to them at any time.

• Blokpax has done incredibly well and has built a powerful, tight and loyal community of collectors.

• The collectable real life market place is huge and everyday new collectors join Blokpax as their first experience in Web3.

• The community resonates with Frenchie and his team at Blokpax, the mission of the entire ecosystem unlike anything seen outside of very few communities. Which we all wish we bought into.

• Those strong communities are the reason those Blue Chip projects have hit the level of success they have. This is no different. Frenchie knows that the community creates a project’s success and founders just help drive that success, with amazing thought-out Ideas that are groundbreaking and game changing.

• Frenchie had a vision and challenged his team to create a Historic Collectable NFT that would mark the moment that we know as the Ethereum Merge Event which was the end of Proof-of-Work on the Ethereum Blockchain.

• His team not only met that challenge as The Lost Miners of the Ether are the indisputable last PoW NFT they also achieved the very first PoS NFT. We will save that for another post.

• Frenchie's vision was genius because by achieving this it would by default bring further success to Blokpax as not only a leading Web3 gamified platform backed by IRL collectables but having the ability to create and deliver Its own collectables. Which I would say that mission has certainly been accomplished.

Why Does This Matter?

Well, it’s simple Frenchie knew due to his experience and knowledge of collectables and Web3 that NFT’s that have a historical collectable value will have the ability to stand the test of time and will always be sought after by collectors. "IF YOU BUILD IT THEY WILL COME"

Why Does This Matter To You?

The Lost Miners will always be the Last and Final Project to ever be mined on the Ethereum Network. Marking the End of Mining on Ethereum.

I Hope this call helps you understand this project better and opens your eyes to the historic significance and collectability of this project. Who knows this could be the one you look back on and say Only If I had not Faded that call for a third time.

BTW, Congratulations to those that didn’t miss the original calls and entered Lost Miners.

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