Alpha ReportThe Marz Report - Timeline Transit Co

by Marz
The Marz Report - Timeline Transit Co

Timeline Transit Co. Went Live with Twitter on 6/6 discovered at 327 followers. Twitter Bio states, World leader in time travel tourism. Established 3021.

**This Alpha Call is Not Financial Advice, Always Do Your Own Research**

Call Info

  • Date: 6/9/22
  • Call Type: Early
  • Commitment: Short, Mid & Long Play Potential
  • Project Rating: 4/5


  • Mint Date: TBA
  • Mint Price: TBA
  • Mint Supply: TBA
  • Doxxed Team: Yes?

The Why

Super Early Twitter has reached 4,850 in the last 3 days. The mission statement is to bring the metaverse to Twitter. Very innovative Idea - Twitter Banners that are your own personal metaverse. You can chill inside your banner and upgrade all assets within that environment completely dynamic and customizable. The Alpha on the Team is highly educated in this space with the connections to pull this off. Being told from reliable sources to just wait for them to reveal who they are. Like I've said in the past when you know you know.

Not sure they wanted Alpha released on the project just yet. Twitter just went on lockdown as I was writing this. Now all followers need to be approved. Keep an eye on this one everyone. It's going to be big, especially If the team that is rumored to be behind this project is validated.

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